I walked the lakeshore from my place to Sunnyside and back Saturday morning, about 9k.  I was alone so had lots of time to ruminate.  What came up were so many memories linking the shore to my time with TPW!

I walked this lakefront from western beaches to eastern beaches and back again when I was training for my first (and only) marathon twelve years ago with Jean’s Marines and for lots of “halves.”.  And my very first race, the Harry Rosen was in High Park thirteen years ago – I still love that shirt.  (Seven agonizing kilometres with hills!)  I recall the first time I walked “to the bathroom and back” in under 60 minutes.

Since TPW was formed from the Jean’s Marines’ walking group, we’ve walked the lake shore every summer.  I’ve watched people tackle distance and time.  But more importantly, I’ve had companionship.  I remember hundreds of breakfasts at the Grenadier, summer brunches on the patio at Sunnyside, picnics at the farmer’s market, roti at Caribana.  I’ve been there when malicious pavement has reared up to cause eyes, noses, elbows and knees to bruise, bleed and break. I’ve watched people get more physically fit and listened and learned as they worked through problems in their lives. I’ve mused over cloud formations and human relations with fellow walkers.

I missed that fellowship this summer.  I hope we’ll be back in May.

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  1. What a lovely way to experience the waterfront. Thanks for sharing your observations. I really hope we will all be back together soon too.

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