Meeting Points

There were, a little after 8 am, six of us who headed out and walked around the High Park loop. As we were walking the loop another TPW walker joined us. Heading down to the lakeshore we met up with the four who had started to walk at 7 am.

Along the way people left and by the time we were at the public washrooms close to the yachts on the other side of Ontario Place only a few of us remained.

During the walk we commented on how lovely it was to be with each other and individually still be able to walk our individual distances. There was a feeling of inclusiveness.  Our usual lively conversations often peaked when members met up with us  or left us. 

As I was riding my bicycle home I realized that there were at least 10 of us who came out for the walk that morning. I also realized that the other benefit of these meeting points was that it enabled us to exchange information; necessary information such a news relating to family.

What a group we have ….what a group. Meeting points (pre arranged or otherwise) during the walk, breakfast after the walk, ability to experience being part of the TPW and at the same time achieving individually set walking goals (during this day individual goals ranged anywhere from   2  to 21 K). What a group.

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