Meanwhile, back at the cemetery…

It is that time of year. Most of us have completed our formal training schedules for the year and are in maintenance mode. There are few notable exceptions who are aiming for the Goofy in January (goofy because they will do a half and marathon, back to back!) and we are all rooting for them.

Our maintenance default location is the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery which was very pretty this last Saturday. The last tattered beauty of the fall clung to the trees. As the sun came out it lit up the gold and the red and we oohhed and aahhed as we walked and talked. It felt very comfortable, sort of like coming home. There was an excellent turnout and it was great to see people like Deb who we haven’t seen for awhile. Just a reminder that even if you have been taking a walking sabbatical you are always welcomed back.

Nine of the group joined together for breakfast and we raised our teas and coffees in honour of Phyllis who was doing the New York Marathon the next day (and what a fabulous time 5hrs 46 minutes – huge congratulations to you Phyllis (see her description in the post below).

We will be meeting as a group on Saturdays only until after the New Year although you are all encouraged to do some other form of exercise in the meantime. Two reminders – if you haven’t signed up for the Habitat day (Nov. 27) or our TPW year-end dinner (Nov. 30) please take a minute right now and email Sue at .

See you next Saturday.

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