Mary shared her lovely bunch of coconuts…

It was a busy weekend with as many people (22) walking on Saturday as attended the first social of the season on Sunday. I think that is astonishing given the weather (the walking part, not the eating part). Well done TPWers!

I hosted the social but really all I did was supply a place and some bits and bobs – the group kicked in and did the work. Lots of yummy food, good company, lots of chat, and, the piece de resistance, highlights from the Maui trip, led by Mary performing an elegant hula in exotic costume (apparently you too can have one if you are prepared to part with $9US). I have a picture but Mary is paying me to keep it to myself. My retirement is assured!

In addition to having fun, we did cover off the business of the meeting, signing up members for the year, discussing various race options, crediting our sponsor (thank you Harbord House) and considering training options with Lee Scott.

A big thanks to Phyllis for keeping us on track and to everyone who brought food and helped clean-up.  After the dust had cleared, I did wind up with a brown patterned carrying bag and a nice little ceramic bowl that aren’t mine – let me know if they are yours.

A last observation – when my husband was taking himself off to a movie in anticipation of the Walkers invasion, he laughingly said ‘Can you imagine me having 22 guys over for tea and goodies?’  Of course the thought just makes me giggle. Even with all the inequities, isn’t it great to be a woman?

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