March On, March On

 Diversity and inclusiveness interest me. Maybe being the first born of a blended family I, over the years, became hard wired to look for points of intersection. Points of intersection, invisible to the eyes of those who have not undergone the negative experience of not belonging, where I would find a loving community.

Toronto Power Walkers is, in my opinion, one of those community’s that has this loving presence. We, in the TPWs, seem to be a group of women who excel. We excel at walking the distance; the majority of those who met for breakfast completed 10 K. We excel in our ability to discuss topics that range from mindfulness to world events; as we did during breakfast.

We, in my opinion, also excel in our loving presence for our members who are in emotional or physical pain. We collectively form a space for that person or persons to disclose the pain and then the listeners via a combination of eye contact and empathy select a listener to speak. Carefully the words are organized. Slowly words emerge; words of empowerment ,sympathy and sometimes just practical resolution.
Women, the ‘other’, have been doing this for centuries. For centuries we have been creating loving communities, points in intersection in which diversity and inclusiveness come together for brief periods of time to heal, to soothe, to be present. So during this week in which International Women’s Day was celebrated , it is my opinion, that we, the TPW, have walked the distance not only (for most of us ) in kilometres but also in our loving attentiveness towards each other. March on. March on.

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