March is Over!

Walking on a bright morning on the last day of March was brilliant!
 I walked with a few folks who are getting back into a training routine after some time off.  It seemed that we had fallen far behind our former pace and would never regain our speed; that all we had gained was lost.  We started sharing our stories of when we had first begun – how difficult it was to build our distance and our speed.  We laughed at memories of wondering if we could ever walk a brisk 5K, let alone finish a marathon.

On reflection, I know I’ll never do another marathon; maybe not even another half.  We’ll see.  But I also know I’m in better shape than I was when I started down this path ten years ago.  Ten kilometres is now a pleasant walk, not a distant goal.  My pace is slower than it was when I was training for long races but still better than the woman I was when I began.

As is our wont, we soon moved on to other topics: the news of the day, family life, plans.  And discovered when we finished that, without too much effort, our pace had been 10.6 minutes per kilometre.  Not a personal best for any of us but certainly a pace that could be shaved into respectability, since we weren’t pushing hard.  And certainly, one that the woman ten years ago would have been astounded to achieve.

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