Many Paths to the Garden

On our walk and at breakfast I was engaged, with various people, in conversations related to wellness. It appears that many of us (total of 12 walkers ) have walked down all sorts of paths of health and well being prior to arriving at TPWs.  Some spoke of family and others spoke about themselves.

Okay, you say, that explains part of the title but what about the rest. I’ll start with a quote. 

Hanna Rion(1875–1924) wrote that ‘The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.’ It came to me that the TPW can provide us with the same gift. During our walk all five of our senses go through a restoration.  Our senses are  immersed in the sights, sounds, smells of nature. Other senses are activated by the touch of the sun and wind on our skin and let us not forget our taste buds at breakfast.   In an analogical sense TPWs, for many of us, is our garden of restoration and we have arrived via many paths. 

So whatever path (health and well being) brings you to the garden (TPW), welcome . Be restored and join us as we walk the distance.

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