Love, love, love

The only thing better than having something you love and being able to do something you love is to share something you love with someone you love.
I can honestly say that I love power walking.  I love everything about it.  I love getting up and never ever making excuses to myself about not going, as is the case with doing sit-ups, for instance. I love putting on my power-walking clothes and lacing up my power-walking shoes, and heading out of the door before the neighbours have even awoken from their slumber.
I love arriving at the cemetery. I love the irony in doing something that will so certainly prolong my life in a place where people go at the end of their lives.  I love seeing all the gals standing around in their colourful power walking gear like race horses at the gate; waiting for 8:35.
I love the beauty of nature, the sunlight or cloud, as the case may be, and the changing seasons in Mount Pleasant.  I love to feel my heart beat quicken and my breath pick up a bit as I begin to work my body. 
I wish I could say that I love ‘gels’, but I don’t.
I love talking to the women (and sometimes men) in the gang; all of whom have stories, advice and optimism that lift my heart and strengthen my mind.
BUT most of all I have loved sharing the experience with my friends.  A few weeks ago, two of my friends joined the Toronto Power Walkers on our Saturday morning promenades, and they love it too.  It warms the ‘cockles of my heart’ to watch my girlfriends enjoying the morning, and being part of our group.
I am proud of my membership in the Toronto Power Walkers, and wish I could share the experience with all of the people that I love. 

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