Loneliness Epidemic? Not in the TPW!

The Globe reported that in the 2016 census, more than 28% of Canadians live alone and that the category of single person households is now the largest group in Canada. (In Germany over 40% of people live alone.) 
I subscribe to a blog from McMaster that reports on research about the effects of aging.  This week the blog was entitled “The Loneliness Epidemic.?  Loneliness is a risk to health linked to depression and cognitive decline.  Social connections are crucial but, studies show, can decline as people age. 
Guess what the solution is!  Join a walking group. Research shows that in addition to the health benefits, people in walking groups had lower depression rates than those who didn’t.  The studies were done with people whose average age was 58.  They had existing health issues like arthritis. 

I don’t really need convincing that TPW is good for my mental health but it’s nice to have it confirmed!

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