Let’s hear it for routine.

I missed the last two Saturday walks and my last two Sunday yoga classes because I was chasing bottles and cheering athletes at the Pan Am marathon and race walking events. I really enjoyed the games but am also really glad to get back to my regular routine.
Yesterday was a glorious day for the TPW gang and for all the folk preparing for the parade formerly known as Caribana  (now known as ‘the parade formerly known as Caribana’). Our walking goal was 13K but we really did 14K (I know I said I wouldn’t tell Mary but no one can take it back now!). By the end of the distance, I was really feeling it which tells me how important it is to stick to an exercise program.
Even worse was my yoga class. My hips were really cranky at having to bend in ways they hadn’t for almost 3 weeks.
So what does that tell me? Be consistent. Whatever you do, do it regularly – and, my buddies, we need to stretch more.
A reminder that we have finished hills (I hear a cheer from everyone but Susan S.) and go back to intervals and the Firkin on Tuesday.
Next week end the Para Pan Games start so we are back at the cemetery and the Jester (you may notice the place we eat is as important as where we walk).
Enjoy the weekend but remember to stretch!

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