Let’s hear it for extraordinary ordinary days….

It was dark and lashing rain as I drove across Bloor at 6:30 and I grumbled to myself. Mind you, that is my usual response to early mornings, regardless of the weather. Things brightened – both the sky and my mood – once I met up with the small but intrepid 7 o’clock gang.
As usual some of us were going further than others. Three of us decided that to the washrooms and back would be just fine and off we all went.
As usual the conversation ebbed and flowed, circled and soared, covering everything from the wise to the silly and everything in between. We talked about how humid air was good for the skin; how annoying people are who don’t do what they commit to and leave others to pick up the slack; what we would name our dragon boat team if we had one (DragonDames);  the excitement of pending vacations to exotic places (Peru and Ecuador); the power of the group dynamic that got us all out on even inclement days and so on.
Breakfast was, as usual, absolutely delicious, because we were hungry and had earned it. The conversation continued and turned to how, in our maturity, we relished  sharing days just like the one we were experiencing. Let me quote JoAnne in summing up how walking in good company sets the  stage for a superb ‘ordinary’ day.

“Good for the body, good for the soul”.

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