Let’s celebrate the word POWER in Toronto Power Walkers

Within our group there are people who have returned from Spain, the east coast, China and different parts of Ontario. While out of Toronto some have walked races, hiked trails, trained and others have leisurely taken in the sights and sounds of nature.
Yesterday we –as a group – walked anywhere from seven to nineteen K. Those who walked nineteen K made time to regroup around the Grenadier to exchange observations and various stories with those of us who were eating breakfast.
I would like to suggest that the above movement demonstrates power.
For various reasons I will not go into,   I- today- feel like celebrating the power of movement. I want to celebrate that we are not laid up in hospital beds or confined to small spaces because of mobility issues. Today I want to celebrate the word POWER in the name Toronto Power Walkers.
Maybe one day I will be laid up in a hospital bed or confined to small spaces because of mobility issues BUT that is not today. So I celebrate -while being attentive to those who do not possess the power of mobility – and I walk as member of the Toronto POWER Walker.

Today I say long live the POWER in the Toronto Power Walkers. May we celebrate it for many years to come .

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