Lesson learned …and up-coming social events!

It seemed such a good idea at the time. Way back when a bunch of us signed up for the Toronto Women’s Half and then, sometime after, we signed up for Cleveland because we felt a road trip would be fun. I remember at the time thinking, “Two half marathons in two weeks, in the spring. Hmmmm.? Then I forgot about it.

Well, Cleveland was fun … the Toronto Women’s not so much (hot, hot, hot coupled with fatigue). I hope I have learned my lesson and won’t ever again over extend when I am not fully trained. Save yourself grief and learn from me grasshopper.

This is all to explain why I was so tired this past Saturday and why there was no way on earth that I was doing the 16-18K on our training schedule. We do need to remember that our bodies need time to recover after exertion and allow for that.

Regardless of my complaints, there was a good turnout at High Park – thirteen of us on a hot and hazy morning. A group of us opted for ‘out to the gazebo and back’ (about 11K) while others went the full 16-18K. Good for those that did. And I vow to buckle down and start to train seriously for my fall Island Girl Half. Thankfully there is always time to regroup and start anew.

Lots of events up-coming – note that on June 15 we will be training at Central Tech at 6:30 and adjourning to our sponsoring restaurant, Harbord House, afterwards. Please RSVP to tpw@rogers.com so we can confirm numbers.

On August 22, the day after the Midsummer’s Race, Rorie will be once again hosting a pool party. Thank you Rorie! Mark the date in your calendar – details to come.

Come on out to our regular spot this Tuesday (if you are new or have forgotten see sidebar). We also look forward to seeing you on Thursdays at the Community Centre (again see sidebar).

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