Learning to love a 7:00am start

Back at the end of June, when we started talking about moving to a 7:00am start on Saturdays, there was just the tiniest bit of moaning and groaning (much of it coming from me – and someone whose name begins with L and you know who you are.) We would mutter in small groups and negotiate amongst ourselves – how about 7:30 or even 7:45?

I was remembering this as we finished up our 16K walk this morning. It was very hot and the air was thick and a little chewy. I was dripping and coated in a thin layer of salt. I had consumed all four of my water bottles and two refills. We all admitted it had been a hard slog, as it is some mornings. But, here is the loving the early start part – it wasn’t even 10am and we were finished! Take that you slug-a-beds.

Even with lingering over breakfast I was home around 11:00 with lots of day left to read the paper, nap, have a massage (heaven) and potter around the house.

So, memo to self for next year – there is a reason for an early start in the summer. The sun gets hotter as it rises and finishing well before noon means we miss the worst of it. So stop your moaning Diane and just do it.

And to all – remember to use sun screen, wear a hat, hydrate and consume appropriate fuel to replenish the various minerals you lose. See you next Saturday bright and early. I will be the one with the big happy smile at the early hour (alright, alright, that last part may not be entirely true).

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