Leap Years With TPW

Well it’s a leap year so our intrepid TPW’ers honoured February 29 by our weekly winter walk in the cemetery. Around 20 us gathered in the nasty cold but fortunately the sun helped us warm up along with the exercise, conversation and lack of wind in the cemetery. For many of us this is our 4th leap year – what a lovely thought after such a difficult week on so many fronts.

February also saw another Family Day.  A day to reflect on the meaning of ‘family’ and its role in our lives and well-being.  In our current environment, the definition of family is fluid.  By any definition, TPW is a large, extended family always there to share, debate, even challenge –  but always support – and comfort. That support often feels like a large and warm blanket (heated of course….) and  as individuals we can wrap ourselves in that blanket at times of need.  The comfort arrives easily and timely – whether we are dealing with injury, illness, loss or grief – or just trying to manage and keep smiling as we navigate our complicated lives.   Let’s not forget that despite the cold, wind, icy roads and just getting out of bed on those mornings where our bodies and minds scream to just stay in bed, we mostly don’t. Our sense and pleasure of community pushes us out the door (how many layers??) and reinforces our privileged role as members of this unique family.  And like most families, we are blessed with rituals, shared meals, old and new memories and much laughter and joy – especially in the everyday pleasures of daily life – and walking.

Here’s to the next leap year!

A reminder of our annual business meeting next Saturday, March 7 after our walk.  Please see email from DD for details and to RSVP.


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