Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

We’ve been waiting for this all winter…July is here, and unfortunately so is the heat and the haze. We shouldn’t complain we should get out there and enjoy it while we can.
I noticed the difference in temperature and humidity this Saturday as 6 of us met at the Grenadier at 7am to walk.  We were there for a variety of reasons – beat the heat, places to go and things to do, had a long distance to do.  Regardless of our reason for being there early, it was great to have company.  We had approximately 1.5 hours to walk before meeting up with the other group at the foot of the hill at the Lakeshore. Rorie suggested that we go straight down to the lake.  Good idea…cool and peaceful.
We walked west to the gazebo and back completing approx 8k by the time we met up with the other group.  We lost a few from the 7am group and gained 6 more from the 8am group, and walked out to the gazebo, again. It was remarkable how much warmer and more humid it was on our second time out there. We were happy to head back up the hill to High Park’s shady paths and roads, and of course, to breakfast.  

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