Last walk in the Cemetery until November

A quick note to follow Philippa’s description of the Big Sur experience.

We were 16 walkers on a crispy Saturday morning at the cemetery.  We took one more loop around the cemetery, enjoying the gradual switch to Spring. Six of us continued down the Beltline for an additional 10k, training for various half marathons in the next 4 weeks. Others went straight to breakfast or walked further within the cemetery.

It was really nice to see some of our walkers who have been sidelined by injury or other factors including Helen and Rorie. 

We look forward to walking from High Park starting next week, 8am start.  A few walkers will be racing down Yonge Street on Sunday in the Goodlife Toronto Marathon (and half marathon), starting from Mel Lastman Square.

If you haven’t been out in a while, now is a perfect time.

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