Last Unofficial Day of Summer?

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today, in what seemed to be the last day of summer, notwithstanding what the calendar said.

Fall is usually when we move from walking at High Park, typically our Spring/Summer home, to Mt Pleasant Cemetery where we walk Fall/Winter. As with many activities over the past 18 months, adjustments were made for COVID, and we hardly walked from High Park along Lake Ontario on Saturdays this summer or last, because it was so crowded. I missed the lake!

To my pleasant surprise, the waterfront trail was not busy today;  the lake looked like a mirror, and the boardwalk was relatively clear.  I took mental photos of the lake, not wanting to break my stride.  We walked through High Park; up the hill and around the top of the park, and back down cherry blossom hill  (memories of summer hill training in my mind) to the Queensway. High Park was calm too – blissfully clear of the usual kamikaze cyclists.

Despite the warm weather, Mother Nature was sure to remind us that Fall was on its way, with a few maple trees beginning to change color.

I said goodbye to the lake until next Spring. I’m ready for Fall now and look forward to the red, orange and gold foliage in Mt Pleasant Cemetery.

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