Labour Day Weekend

Who can believe that this was the last Saturday in August?  The summer has flown by. 

A good-sized group met at 8 AM and walked to the waterfront to meet the group that had begun their walk at 7.  Distances varied.  Some people were in recovery mode.  We heard about the Quebec City race from Bev and admired her shirt.  Bev’s recovery mode is a lot faster and longer than some!  Others were walking over 30 kms as they prepare for a marathon this October.  These long distances take a lot of ingenuity to fit into family life but Helen, Rorie, Dianne and Phyllis manage it.  Some of us are preparing for a half marathon in Ottawa in September; we did 16 km on Sat.  Still others, suffering injuries, listened to their bodies and did the distance that was right for them.  

The wonderful thing is that we all got out there!  Way to go, TPW’s!

Additional Walk on Sunday – Open Streets TO

Martha, Phyllis, Laurel and Fiona met on Sunday morning at a very civilized hour (10 am) to walk along Bloor from Spadina to Parliament and back as well as to walk from Yonge and Bloor to Queen St and back (approx 10k in total). We had lots of fun –  walking down the middle of the street like we owned the place, and watching others enjoy the open road.  A piano was placed outside the Royal Conservatory for passersby to play, others were dancing in the middle of the road, some were bowling down the road, some were playing road hockey.  We apparently were too late for the free doughnuts at Holt Renfrew, but the coffee seemed to flow freely. Along the side of the road at Holts, Fiona and Laurel got a chance to show off their toned beach bodies!

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