Keeping Things in Perspective

Pooh! I slept in and missed this week’s walk. OK, I was up quite late Friday night doing a choir event. 

Pooh! I’m injured again. This time it’s my feet and the podiatrist said it will be 6 to 8 weeks. OK, this may fix ongoing problems that I’ve had for years.
Pooh! I haven’t trained for the Resolution Run. OK, this really is a fun run, so this will help me embrace it as just that.
It’s funny how the little annoyances in life sometimes loom up, consuming our focus and dwarfing the blessings in our lives. 
This thought occurred to me as I walked away from the podiatrist’s office, feeling just a little bit sorry for myself. Then it occurred to me that even though I’ve had my injuries this past year, I’ve been able to walk 3000 miles (well, I will have by next Saturday’s walk). That is a blessing, that I have the kind of body and stamina that will carry me through the miles and kilometres – I have to admit it will be nice to start counting in kilometres again – and no, I am not going to do the challenge again. And so I missed a week’s walk – I have the blessing of a wealth of interests and activities, and if sometimes they bump into each other, that’s OK. Not in peak shape for a race? It’s a blessing in disguise, forcing me to take part in a race just for the camaraderie. 
And that reminds me that in many of my Saturday walks this year I have been helping others in the pursuit of their racing goals. I am blessed with a wealth of friends who are there to support me, and I them, in good times and in trying times. And I have a wealth of friends beyond TPW as well 🙂 
So as you go about this busy season, when the Pooh! hits, remember the blessings (including all of us at TPW) all around. 

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