Keep ‘walking the distance’

No poetry or gushing words about how wonderful you all are….just excitement.
As you know, I enjoy walking, and at times leave people in the dust because my feet just need to move fast.  I’m looking forward to all the fast walkers that are coming up behind me, or have even passed me.
I’m excited with our walkers – new and veteran who are taking power walking so seriously.  I’m guessing that two rounds of training with Lee Scott had something to do with it.
I’m excited with the terrific walking and racing that has been going on all summer and fall. Many Personal Best’s (PBs) have been earned this year.
I’m excited to be celebrating at our year-end dinner on November 21st, with all of you and your medals. Be sure to wear all of them, so others can be inspired.
I’m also excited with the plans that are being made for the spring and the winter.  If you’re going to Big Sur, you have to train all winter, and many of us will be training with you to keep you company on those long winter walks. The cool jacket for “Chilly Half? is an incentive as well.
I’m excited and hopeful that we’ll have a few brave souls who will train for and walk a marathon this year. Personally, I’d like to go to the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington next October, and I don’t want to do it alone! I can however be convinced to do a different marathon, if the dates work out.
Looking forward to an exciting 2012!

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