Just do it!

For the first time in a long time, I walked with TPW on Saturday.  There was a group of 4 plus me at High Park. 
I am sure there were more on their way to the island for their walk and brunch.
It was nice to walk through the park down to the lake. We headed west to enjoy a peaceful walk. Lots of conversation between all 5 of us. I know I’ve been away too long when I was called by another name.  I guess I should show up more. 
Spending more time at our cottage is a reason but its not the only reason, life gets busy.
I just checked my training schedule for the Scotia half marathon in October and I have 13 weeks to train  – YIKES  
When I printed it I planned to start training at the beginning of June.  I couldn’t possibly train with a cast on my wrist. Could I ??
I did walk at the cottage, very short  2 – 5km and in flip flops. There is something wonderful about meandering along a route and not being focused on pace or time.  Walking slowly was enjoyable and worth the effort of getting out of the Muskoka chair.  It also meant I would walk 2 to 3 times a day.
There is much pleasure in walking as we all know, no matter the pace, distance or location  – we can and do make it work.
So enjoy the week ahead and maybe take a stroll rather than a power walk – It may take longer but it might be worth it.

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