We all met at Diane’s last week for our annual planning get together. Delicious, warm, social – just a lovely time. 

It’s the start of the walking year for many of us, the start of a new journey. We talked of the many races happening around Toronto and further afield, more new journeys germinating in my head. But even though we are just looking forward to these new journeys I realized how many journeys we’re in the midst of. Winter (the season) is just over half way done. The school year is more than half done – and that September to May/June cycle is mirrored at work by the parents adjusting their lives to that reality. And with the Olympics front and centre these days, we are seeing the culmination of many four-year journeys, some of which will begin anew as soon as this journey ends. A few nights ago I looked up at the stars and realized that all our little journeys pale in the grand journey of the universe.

Our lives are filled with journeys, big and small. They provide hopes and dreams, challenges and hurdles, memories and lessons learned. And every Saturday morning we gather to share these journeys, supporting each other and taking joy in the journeys of each other. And we continue our journeys the best way we can, one foot in front of the other.

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