Jean’s Tradition

When I arrived at the cemetery Lorisa was busy informing Catherine, Shelley and Helen T. of the various walking techniques she had acquired during the WOW training course we had on Tuesday. By the time Martha arrived everyone was engaged in a lively conversation about the sneakers, core, glutes etc.  At the arrival of Martha the conversation turned to Garmins. Since she had one she was unanimously elected as our pace bunny. As is our practise, those in front looped back to ensure those of us at the back of the pack were alright.

The subway had prevented Linda from walking the first loop so she was waiting at the meeting point when we arrived. After a small chit chat some of our group went farther than the 6 K we all had completed, others went home and Linda and I went for breakfast.

While at breakfast we reviewed a 2008 JeansMarines walkers ‘6 hours and plus’ training schedule. Now that I am able to power walk again I am thinking (not committed yet ) of doing a half Army marathon in September 2011 .To enable my ankle to remain strong I have to be fully engaged in lot of strength exercises and a very gradual training programme that is minimalist in long distance training. Speed is not my thing; completing a marathon is. Linda just happen to have a copy of the JeansMarines schedule and provided it to me. It is now hanging up for me to review each week.

As I was driving home I was thinking about our group composition . With the exception of Linda and myself, everyone walking at the cemetery was relatively a new comer to the group. Those this weekend taking part in the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay and Goodlife Half marathon are a mixture of individuals who come from the JeansMarines days and there are those (like Helen T. who I walked with today)who have no connection to JeansMarines.

In our TPW web blog site under the section entitled About Us it is noted that ‘many of us started as JeansMarines and carry on Jean’s tradition of caring for and encouraging each other’. It seems to me that our group has done and is doing this exceptionally well. Whether it is through sharing helpful information via a dialogue, looping, leading a group with the aid of a Garmin , searching and finding old walking training schedules and going out of your way to give it to a group member – we are a group of caring and encouraging individuals ‘dedicated to walking for fitness and pleasure, training to achieve our individual goals and enjoying the companionship and inspiration of like-minded women (and a few good men).’ And so it is that we walk the distance within Jean’s tradition.
Note: Week 2 of WOW training this Tues. night – please come for 6:20pm. Also, please don’t forget our dinner meeting on Monday May 30th at Harbord House. We’ll talk about upcoming races especially the half marathon we want to train for together in September.

Congrats to our Pittsburgh relay and Toronto Half marathoners!  Still have another half marathon in two weeks!

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