It’s NovemBrrrrrr

I am never really ready for winter and was completely taken aback to be assaulted by snow on Saturday morning. However, it didn’t deter the 18 staunch walkers who gathered in the cemetery. We soon warmed up as we headed out, mixing and mingling in a variety of groups. This time we all kept a similar brisk pace once round and some of us did it twice (or almost twice!).  Once the snow eased off we could see the beauty of the flame and gold of the dying leaves. The conversation made the time fly and soon we were inhaling breakfast – made even more delicious than usual because of the chilly air. Over our coffees and tea, we talked about many things from the silly to the serious .  Inevitably, the current news story about Jian Ghomeshi came up.  It made us all thoughtful about how vulnerable we can be and how vigilant we must be to ensure a safer world for all – but specifically for girls and young women.  Sometimes it isn’t the cold that sends icy shivers up one’s spine.

On a more pleasant note, remember our up-coming TPW social event – dinner (Nov. 24) at Harbord House and spa day (Dec. 13 – more details to follow).

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