It’s coming soon….

You know that the summer is coming to an end when:
  • it’s time to pick up your race package for the Midsummer Night’s run (more on that later),
  • ‘back to school sales are advertised everywhere,
  • you start planning your fall activities around your ‘long walks’ – no late Fri night dinner parties, not much of anything on Sat, as you’re either walking or recovering from walking.
This past weekend was a long walk weekend.  Six of us – Sue, Diane, Ela, Rorie, Catherine (a potential new TPW member) and I gathered at Mel Lastman Square at 7am to begin our long walk – 35k for some, 21k for others. We walked down Yonge street, all the way to the Lakeshore (can you believe it is only 14.5k?). Sue and Diane stayed with the marathoners until Bathurst street where they headed north. Diane told me that they hit their distance just about the same time they spied Fran’s, and of course stopped in for a well deserved breakfast. 
Ela, Rorie and I were well on our way along the Lakeshore heading to the Humber river by then, and went north to approximately the Old Mill. We all survived!  I think the subway ride home was more exhausting than walking! I apologize if I didn’t mention walkers who met at High Park – no one has acknowledged that they were there!

Given how hot this summer has been, I’m ready for some cooler weather.  I look forward to wearing long pants and light sweaters. I’m also looking forward to the next while when it seems like every two weeks there’s a race.

This Saturday, August 21st at approximately 6:45pm, we’ll be heading out for a 15k walk basically out the Leslie St. spit, and back.  If you’re not walking, come along and cheer…the costumes are great to see.  If you’re racing, meet us at 6:15pm near the long row of porta-potties.  It would be fun to get a group shot. Wear a garland or wings or something fun, to get into the spirit. Sue is planning a pub excursion following the race. Are you interested?  Contact her if you are.  Also don’t forget the pool party the following afternoon at Rorie’s house.
A few weeks later is the Island Girl Half Marathon on Toronto Island (Sept 11th). You don’t need to be female to race.
The Scotia Marathon/Half Marathon and the Kitchener-Waterloo Walking only Half Marathon are two weeks later (Sept 26th).  We have walkers in both half-marathons.
In mid October we have the Toronto Marathon, and at least 3-4 of our group are racing that day. Lots of chances to race, volunteer or just cheer.
Bring on Fall….Toronto Power Walkers are well trained and up for the challenge! 

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