It’s all downhill from here – and that’s a good thing in a race!

Before the race
Finish line with medals

I really enjoyed this year’s Sporting Life 10K, my first race of the season. I confess I haven’t been training all that hard so far and I wasn’t sure how I would feel. But, despite a chilly, overcast day, it felt good to be swinging along down Yonge Street, arms pumping and feet pushing. The company was excellent – 13 TPWs and 15,000 other people (but enough about them).

Walkers started separately this year which was rather pleasant – not so many of those pushy runners who are always trying to get by!

Sue, Margie and I stayed together for most of the way, commenting on the windows and the various restaurants that we meet and eat at. We met friends along the way, moaned a bit about the unseasonably grey weather but gave thanks it wasn’t actually raining, checked our pace at regular intervals and chatted about this and that.

I was feeling good toward the end so gave it a little push and almost, but not quite, caught up to Lee and Martha. Didn’t break any records but proved to myself, yet again, that I can do a respectable job. Yeah, walkers!

Brunch was delicious (thank Sue for making the reservation). In addition to our regular exchange of news and views we did a little magic at our end of the table. Apparently Sherry can read minds. Who knew? The most amusing part of the morning was our group think in choosing a streetcar – we realized we had reverted to some sort of adolescent gang mentality, leaving our sophisticated professional personas behind us. All part of being a TPW – one for all and all for one.

Next race – Pittsburgh (or Goodlife in Toronto) There is a Pittsburgh ‘strategy meeting’in the pub on Tuesday night after Intervals. Even if you are not going to Pittsburgh, come and walk around Rosedale with us.

A reminder that this Saturday we are at High Park at 8:00AM. There is much happening in May so keep reading the blog to keep on top of things.

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