It was dark, warm and damp

It was dark, warm and damp on Saturday morning and so it was a sleepy bunch of women who met at 7 am, making various comments about how dark it had been when our alarms had woken us up; a sure sign that autumn is on its way.  I relayed the news that Shelley had broken her ankle in a bicycling accident; she wanted everyone to know her lack of appearance was not due to just being lazy! She faces 6 weeks of healing before getting back on her feet so we all wish her as quick a recovery as possible.

Above us we could see the black clouds gathering, bringing with them air that was soggy and warm.  Hoping that the rain would hold off long enough for us to complete our 16km walk, we set off briskly, but most of us eventually slowed down due to the hot, thick air, which was relieved by only the very occasional breeze.  Rorie and Mary were impressively unaffected and steamed ahead of the group at different times but I was definitely bringing up the rear. Thankfully, it didn’t rain after all and we arrived back at the restaurant all shiny and slick from our sweat, but not from rain. (At this moment, I will mention Nicole’s unique wardrobe malfunction and Carol who joined with her in solidarity – you had to be there to witness it!).  We had crossed paths with the 8 am group and finished at the same time so most of us sat down together for a very enjoyable breakfast; we were hungry, hot and tired and very glad we were done.

It is now just over two eventful years that I have been part of this wonderful group.  It was in late July 2011, about two months after my husband died, that Doctor Sue said to me – come walk with us. And so I did, really just to get out of my house – though that first walk of around 18km was a bit of a surprise!  All to say, being part of this walking group isn’t just about exercise and physical health; it’s also about companionship and support during a very difficult time that each of us will face with a loved one at one time or another during our 
lifetimes.  Life-saving really when I look back on it, so thank you all.

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