It Was Cold

How cold is cold? Hmmm let me see the tick list.
a.       It is cold when your hair, outside your cap, takes on a white color and it was not white before you went on the walk . (tick)
b.      It is cold when you are 3 plus K into the walk and someone comments that their hands are just starting to warm up. ( tick )
c.       It is cold when you have two pairs of gloves, 4 layers of clothing PLUS long johns on and all your body wants is heat. (tick)
d.      It is cold when your cheeks start tingling. ( tick )
e.      It is cold outside when you see the sun and it appears to be teasing you because you cannot, when you first see it, feel the heat of the sun. ( tick )
f.        It is cold outside when the association with breakfast is immediately connected with the heat of the food, the heat of the coffee or tea and not nutrition. ( tick )
g.       It is cold outside when you walk really fast solely to warm up and the fast pace has nothing to do with training. (tick)
Hmmm 7 out of 7 ticks. So yes, it was cold outside.
How many showed up? One or two or three? Absolutely not.
The number was 14.
Not only did 14 show up but included in the 14 were those who just the weekend before were walking (either half or full marathons) in Maui. Yes Maui.  Now that is TPW commitment.

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