It Was A Dark And Stormy Morning…

It was not without a lot of trepidation that I made my way to High Park on Saturday morning.  The weather forecast was dire and I had 21 km (hello Scotia half) to walk.  And there at 8 am, were three other stalwart souls.  It’s a busy time of year and our walkers are scattered all over the place so it wasn’t surprising that so few of us could make it there that morning.  And walk we did, through rain (not that much thankfully), wind (why is it always a head wind?) and fog (the city buildings were hardly visible, draped in mist) and walked our required distance with great fortitude, if I may say so myself!
And I thought about fortitude (definition: “courage in pain or adversity”); each of us is coping with difficult things, both physically and emotionally, as we live and I like to think about how we support each other through the days.
There is something called “quantum entanglement” in quantum physics and it means (and believe me, I am paraphrasing) that change in the particles of one substance effect change in the particles of another substance, no matter  how far away they are from each other. I believe we TPW’s are “entangled” in each others’ lives and we are so much the better for it.

It is Rosh Hashhanna – happy new year, everyone.

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