It really is about the chat and the meals!

Yesterday my husband and I were pondering why we didn’t use grocery delivery systems. This morning, as I was getting ready to join the gang, he read out from an article in the morning paper that spoke to that very topic.
The article surmised that such services may be bad for many of us as they eliminate one small source of social interaction. The article quotes an expert as saying “Social isolation is the public health risk of our time”. It goes on to say there has been a study that found that, on the other hand, social integration is “at the top of a list of lifestyle factors that had a positive impact on longevity, beating out quitting smoking, getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight”.
Wow. Who knew that our collective joke that ‘the real reason we walk is for the chat and the food’ is, in fact, a good thing!
So what is my point? There may be times, for all of us, when health or circumstances mean we can’t walk but let’s keep coming out and encouraging each other to do so. That does not mean we shouldn’t walk for as long as we can but it does mean our group is about much more than that.
Looking forward to seeing most of you next week for our annual winter meeting – and, of course, for chat and food.

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