It is all about showing up…

I didn’t sleep well on Friday night and the last thing I wanted to do in the morning was to get up for an 8am walk. But, and this is the benefit of habit, I know from past experience that I never regret overcoming that urge to roll over and go back to sleep and I always feel better at the end than when I started.  I lie, there was one time when it was pouring rain but that’s once in close to a decade of walking.
There were only five of us for the 8am start and we never did meet up with the 7 o’clockers – we went west and assume they went east. Lots to see and chat about – we went on the walkway through the wetland area and saw a mother duck with six fluffy babies. Met up with Fiona on the way back. Good to see old friends.
Over breakfast we had our usual free-ranging conversations from gardening to taking a Masters.  As we left we said goodbye to Nicole for six weeks (she is off to Ottawa for a play) and headed on our separate ways. I realized, on the drive home, that I did indeed feel better than when I woke up.

So, believe in your past experience (or mine if you are new), and come on out even when you don’t feel like it (unless, of course, it is pouring.)

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