It Felt Like Spring!

I was born and raised in Montreal so I know a lot about cold weather (especially when wearing a mini-skirt in February while waiting for the school bus!).   And somehow, to me, temperatures in Fahrenheit always feel so much colder than they do in Celsius.  Given my past experience, I believe that I have fully paid my dues weather-wise.  So last Saturday, as the temperature hovered around -27 degrees C, I resolutely snuggled myself deeper into my comforter and stayed deliciously warm in bed.  It was lovely.  That said, my tuque goes off to all the walkers who did go out last Saturday and brave the cold.  You are a remarkable bunch.

Contrast last Saturday with this one, which had a high of 9 degrees C!  The morning was warm and sunny and spring-like as we met and then started to walk around the cemetery.  It was hard to believe only one week had passed, the difference in temperature was so great.  It actually made one feel optimistic about the coming of spring. To add to that good feeling, after once around the cemetery, some of us were fortunate enough to enjoy a few hours at the spa, a most luxurious way to spend a Saturday in February and highly recommended as restorative to both mind and body.  And it too, felt absolutely delicious.

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