Island Warmth

Island Warmth
Ten of us TPW’s made our way to the Bermuda Triangle this past weekend and what a wonderful experience it was.  Some of us flew to the island Thursday afternoon and as the airplane flew low over the island preparing to land, a passenger cried “there’s snow!!!”  (It had to have been one of the many Canadians on the flight).  But no, it wasn’t snow (thank goodness), we were looking down upon the many snow white roofs on the houses below us. The temperature was hovering around a balmy 20 degrees and it would be even warm enough to swim (well, for Canadians, it was warm enough to swim).
The biggest challenge, aside from the races, would turn out to be the island weather, as it changes drastically every 15 minutes, it seems.  We were prepared for possible rain but every race we were in just seemed to miss a downpour.Friday night held the one mile event, Saturday morning held the 10k and Sunday morning held the 1/2 marathon and every race was a mix of sun, cloud and wind but little, if any, rain.  We were so fortunate especially because rain fell all morning the next day.  And the courses themselves took us through the beautiful winding streets and towns that dot the island, curving closely by gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise waters.  It is such a beautiful place.
After the races, we had a couple of days to explore other features of the island and roamed around the island by car, ferry, bus and foot, enjoying the sights.
Everyone we met helped to make us feel welcome, and for that generous hospitality, we are very thankful.  
Many thanks especially to Martha for hosting two pot luck dinners, and other small gatherings to eat leftovers, to her sister Suzanne who added local colour and provided rides around the island, and to Catherine for her help in shepherding around 5 more TPW, with help from her friend Toby and his car
A wonderful trip indeed.

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