Is it still February?


For the shortest month of the year, February has a way of hanging onto every second in a most exhausting way. Some days I decide to forget the cold and ice and pandemic. I lace up my boots and head out, only to discover that the neighbour’s lawn has melted over the sidewalk creating such a stretch of black ice that even the dogs are falling into the road. Nope. I really can do without bananas. I am going back inside to watch the Olympic skeleton competition where people REALLY have no fear of ice.

I hate falling. I never know which bits of me will end up injured and I have too many people expecting me to be there for them to take a foolish risk. I also hate getting sick. I have no patience for it. And did I mention road blockades and anti-vaxxers?

Maybe February is the month to crawl under the bed with the dust bunnies I had meant to vacuum up. But I will bring my seed catalogues in there with me. I will order things that will grow in the warmth and sunshine, knowing I will be back digging in the dirt once this three year long winter is finished.


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