After watching the Met Opera broadcast (the last of the season), I dropped by a bookstore. There are all sorts of books and magazines about walking. I browsed through a few.
Leaving the bookstore I happen to catch a glance of Bill Clinton (he was on the cover of a non-sport magazine) and I thought he looked very fit. The last time I saw a picture of him was a few years back and I have got to say I was a bit concerned for the poor guy. The change was so remarkable I decided to Google his name.  Turns out he walks two to three miles every day.  That is about six thousand steps a day. I have to admit I was impressed.
 According to the books and magazines I browsed through, walking has and is contributing to the positive change in many people‚Äôs life i.e. Bill Clinton.

There were about sixteen of us out this Saturday and this coming Saturday we will meet at High Park. This is an invitation to all you ‘little old couch potatoes’ out there. Start walking.   Go to a bookstore, Google the subject, get informed (plenty of trainers out there) and/or meet us this coming Saturday at the Grenadier restaurant at 08:30. Hope to see you there.

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