Intrepid Walkers

What a bunch of intrepid walkers we are if I may say so myself!  
Those of us needing to go a long way on Saturday, met for a 7 am start time in order to beat the heat.  Unfortunately we did not beat the heat.  It was blisteringly hot and definitely challenging to our pace but we did the distance (and a little bit more, as it turned out).  The walk was a reminder that we should not walk alone but stay in pairs at least, or loop back if we become aware of anyone walking alone.  The heat and distance can be overwhelming at times.  The best part of course was the reward of eating at the Sunnyside café; it’s such a lovely setting overlooking the sand and water and felt quite like a vacation resort.  It was an excellent way to recover!
And in case we need any encouragement to keep up with our walking, I have more evidence to support it.  I subscribe to an excellent, evidence based, little magazine called “Nutrition Action”.  The latest issue has an article called “Walk This Way, Please”  7 Reasons to Lace Up Your Sneakers. The article is quite long so I’ll just give the paragraph headings below:
The seven reasons are:
1.  Build a bigger, sharper brain
2.  Live longer
3.  Ease your aching knees
4.  Improve your mood
5.  Lower your cancer risk
6.  Strengthen your heart
7.  Dodge diabetes

That’s not too bad!

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