Intrepid Trekkers Battle Heat and Humidity


Saturday’s Pan Am Trail walk took 8 of us out to the east end of the city to explore the Highland Creek area of Morningside Park.  Although the heat and humidity was probably higher than any of us would have liked, the pretty creek and the forest of mature trees around us, including some lovely weeping willows, made the walk more enjoyable than was anticipated.  The paved trail was 5 km out and back, followed by another trail of 2.25 km out and back, for a total of 14.5 km.  The highlight came just near the first 5 km mark when we rounded a bend in the path, to be totally surprised by the shores of Lake Ontario in front of us – something none of us had expected.   At the traditional coffee break at the end of the walk Fiona shared with us a supply of fabulous sweet cherry tomatoes from her allotment garden –  a lovely way to wrap up the morning.

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