I don’t remember my alarm going off on Saturday morning.  It must have, and I must have turned it off and rolled over.  By the time I came to again, it was too late to meet the group for a walk from High Park.  Instead I walked on my own.  I’m lucky to live close to the lake and so I walked through Ontario Place, watching the monarchs fly out over the lake.  I hope they don’t try to fly direct to Syracuse but work their way around the lake. 

What caused the alarm clock mishap?  Caffeine induced insomnia!  I went to bed at my usual time, slipped off to sleep and awoke in less than an hour, unable to return to sleep.  I spent the next 3 hours trying all I could think of: counting backwards by 3’s, trying to stay in savasana pose, breathing through alternate nostrils, drinking chamomile tea, googling how to overcome caffeine-induced insomnia (wait it out), googling many other things, playing solitaire (because I was on my computer anyway), reading.  Finally, sometime before 3, gentle Morpheus claimed me.  
Although I did learn while googling, that the phrase “in the arms of Morpheus? is classically incorrect.  Morpheus was the god who sent human forms to dreams; it was really his dad, Hypnos, who was the god of sleep.
The caffeine ingestion happened, as always, accidentally.  I spent a lovely few hours on Friday afternoon, with my out-of-town sister, in a café.  It’s quite possible, when re-ordering drinks “the same? didn’t translate to decaf.

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