Insights on a gloomy day

I can usually find some beauty in whatever weather we walk in but the best I could do on Saturday was think of the rain as a harbinger of spring (belied somewhat by the subsequent overnight snow). Even Rorie’s magic jacket had no effect on the steady downpour that persisted throughout the day.
However, nothing seems to deter our valiant walkers who were out in some force. We even welcomed a newcomer, Lee, who made a rather dramatic entrance to our group by sliding out of her car on a lingering patch of ice. It will get nicer Lee!

I made it half way round with the group and then decided to cut my misery short by coming back up the middle of the cemetery. Being on my own made me reflect on how much I enjoy the camaraderie that the group provides. I love the free flowing conversations that cover everything from the minutia of family life to the affairs of the world. The walk back, although chosen because it was shorter, felt longer without company. Out of sight and sound of my TPW ‘peeps’, I felt lonely.

It made me doubly glad to get to the warm, dry restaurant where I was joined by Barb D. (feeling guilty because she had quite sensibly decided to avoid getting soggy). Damp walkers joined us one by one, as did Sue C. (relieved that her previous day’s ‘big event’ was over and done with) and Susan B. (whose injury continues to improve). Nine of us enjoyed breakfast and continued our never-ending chat (troublesome neighbours, board governance, Pittsburg, etc.). Slightly less damp, my stomach full and surrounded by friends, I had one of those moments of being conscious of being happy. And I guess that was the beauty in the heart of a grey and rainy day.

A reminder that we will be having our planning brunch at Carol’s after walking on March 19. If you haven’t already, please let us know if you will be attending ( ).

Note: Racewalking training kick-off was rescheduled to March 12th at High Park due to the forecasted poor weather.

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