In praise of long, hot walks…


Okay, so my alternative would be to curse them but that wouldn’t be lady-like, would it! So following are some good things I can say:


  • They generally start off well. We are fresh, we are with friends, we all agree on the direction and it isn’t raining – hooray!
  • They are often in nice places (when they aren’t through industrial parks) with lots of greenery and bird tweets.
  • They provide an opportunity to cover many topics of conversation – or the same topic several times with different people.
  • By the end, you are covered in a coating of salt which makes an excellent exfoliant.
  • They do, finally, end and then you have really earned your treats at Starbucks, not to mention a delicious shower and a nap.

Oh, and one more thing, they do provide you with the confidence that you will be able to complete that 21K you are aiming for so I guess that means they are a good thing, eh! Next week 20K (sigh).

2 Replies to “In praise of long, hot walks…”

  1. Long walks can be wonderful. And the treats , shower and naps are too!
    My walk yesterday was 31.1k.
    Looking forward to 24k next week.

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