In like a lion, out like a lamb…

March,  living up to its reputation, was in full lion-mode Saturday morning. The wind bit savagely but, fortunately, it was offset by gorgeous winter sunshine – and maybe that is what enticed  such a good number of walkers out on a bitter day.
I felt good, I think because, despite the cold,  the light bore the promise of better days to come.  I managed to keep up with my speedy companions Jo Ann and Lynn all the way round. We then looped back to pick up those behind us (none of whom were ‘stragglers’ Susan!)
Over breakfast I stripped off  two of my four layers and settled in to enjoy my food and, even more, the swirling, meandering, funny, serious, wide-ranging conversations that are the joy of these occasions. Where else would you cover  the drama and comedy of taking a dog on an airplane trip, deep philosophical questions about allocation of expensive health care, instructions on how to use the iPhone camera and so much more.
 I love the ripples of laughter that erupt at regular intervals but am also aware of an undercurrent of a more serious unspoken communication across the group. Not sure how to characterize it but it is a sort of underlying tenderness that recognizes our collective fragile humanity.  It says “You are safe here regardless of what you are dealing with. Some one of us will be able to share your pain or your joy.”

Very comforting on a cold day while we wait for March to turn into a lamb.

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