Impressions of Niagara…

The Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon weekend was such a rich mix of sights, sounds and sensations that I am going to provide the facts and then try and paint a word picture of some of my impressions.
First the facts – six of us went (Carol, Sue C., Diane, Laurel, Susan B. and Margie) but only one of us completed the race. So what happened? Well there was a combination of unpleasant weather (although not quite so bad as it might have been), injury (Carol – who valiantly came anyway and drove to boot), an exhausting week (Sue), traumatic car incident the previous night (Laurel) and just plain not feeling up to it (Margie and Diane). That left valiant Susan B. to carry the TPW flag across the finish line and she did it in style (3.00.32). Hooray for Susan!

Niagara Falls: The Dark Side was filled with monsters, slime and food….belching volcano and a bunch of badly proportioned fake dinosaurs.
The whole place looks and feels like some sort of animated fungus growing on the hill above the natural glory of the Falls below.

Niagara Falls: The Bright Side was filled with carefully tended parkland, amazing natural vistas, the pleasures of the company of friends over breakfast [did they really give you a senior’s discount?] and Susan’s blissful, preoccupied and powerful walk across the finish line.
[for the full impressions section you need to read the email attachment to the blog post notice, I could barely express it as Diane did]
All in all, we had a grand time all in our own way. Shows that sometimes it is okay to relax and just go with the flow.
Meanwhile, back at home base…..Phyllis, Ela, Mary W. and Judy walked in High Park on Saturday morning. It appears that some TPW are afraid of melting in the rain. It didn’t rain, not one drop! 

I’m sure that many of you were taking advantage of the cool, rainy weather by sleeping in, we certainly had quite the storm on Friday, not to mention the waterfalls in Union station.

Now that the Spring races are over, we’ll be settling in for a summer of training, walking the Lakeshore and occasionally on Toronto Island, up the Humber River etc getting in shape for our three Fall events – KW Walkers only Half (Sept 23), Scotia Half (Oct 14th) and Marine Corps Marathon (Oct 28th).

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