Ideas: Old and New

Four of us met at High Park (Helen, Lee, Sherry and me) on Saturday. We discussed contractors, triathlons(Sherry had finished first in her age group), enabling large building complexes to take on more of a friendly community structure, having fun as well as information relating to our personal lives.

Looking for something to write about, I thought it would be fun to focus on the discussions and four ideas I (more or less) heard. I also thought it would be fun to translate the four points into references for ‘walking the distance’.

So here is my try at this:

  1. Trust that the contractor will not be doing the last finishing touches, the ones that make a home really feel like a home. Point: apply constant vigilance to secure an outcome.
  2. If 500 people are in the water and there is a thunderstorm with lightning threatening, do trust that the organizers will not let 500 people fry in the water. Point: engage in what you are doing to the best of your ability as long as it is deemed safe.
  3. Choppy waters require you to move with more effort and determination. Point: move baby move, in a forward direction and with purpose; the finish is just around the corner.
  4. Bring the friendly neighbourhood in, to building complexes that have flat roof tops with plenty of play area for the kids to enjoy the natural vegetation. Point: if it is not friendly on the street, move to a safe location on the roof and create a safe, friendly atmosphere.

The translation of the above ideas to walking the distance could look something like this:.

Be constantly vigilant and engaged in doing what is required to ‘walk the distance’ in the best form, in the safest neighbourhood and if weather conditions are ‘choppy’, move baby move in a forward direction and with purpose because the end is just around the next corner. If it is not safe outside (too much ice etc.) then walk indoors.

A bit disjointed but not a bad attempt.

In terms of recent events:.

  • Barb’s walking skills refresher sessions were well attended, and we will all be thinking of her as we walk those long walks on Saturdays or try to speed up in our next race. Thank you Barb..
  • On Thursday, Phyllis, Rorie, Deb and Diane met at Pottery Rd at the leisurely hour of 8:00am and celebrated Canada Day with a beautiful walk through the ravine. Good chatting and good walking.

This week we begin hill training on Tuesday nights. We meet at the North Toronto Community Centre, walk over to Sherwood Park, up and down the hill a few times, back to the community centre and then off to dinner or home. Come out – it’s fun.

Ideas (old and new) and fun abound for those of us who walk the distance.

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