Ice: What

Yesterday was a day when I actually felt I had put on 2 more layers of clothing than I needed.

Only one of us wore ‘trax’s. The rest of us walked tip toeing, small stepping, hopping over and/or purposely sliding on patches of ice that at times stretched from one side of the road to the other. Even the most experienced walkers among us had difficulty linking the sun and warmth with what was underneath our sneakers. Thick ice, thin ice, long ice, black ice ….you get the idea.

You may be asking yourself what we did.  Well I will tell you what we did. We did what we do best. We simply tackled what was in front of us, adjusted and kept walking. A group of us took it upon themselves to loop back to make sure the back of the pack were alright.

Then something else occurred.  What? Well I will tell you what. When most of us had finished we did the common sense to do when confronted by such an ordeal. We went for breakfast; a hot breakfast.


Oh yes, that’s what were made of.  What a group. 

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