I’m walkin’, yes indeed…

The old Fats Domino song was running through my brain on Saturday as I joined the TPW gang for the first real walk I have done in two months. Just 6K but what a treat to be moving again.  It took patience (and wine) but my stress fracture has healed at last and I have new orthotics to correct my dropped metatarsal. The foot was a little sore when I got home so I am promising myself to go easily until I am back up to full fighting strength. So any of you who are injured (that means you too Rorie) take note – listen to your body and obey what it tells you. We are in this for fun and fitness, not to punish ourselves.
There were about a dozen of us who came for 8:00 and a few who are training for a final race started at 7:00. It was a special treat to see Helen out after a hiatus. In true TPW fashion, someone always kept me company at the end of the pack as I struggled to get my pace back.  What a great group you are.
It is definitely not summer any more – cool and the days are shorter. We have another week at High Park and then the Scotiabank race on October 16. Come out and cheer if you can. After that we will be back in maintenance mode at the Cemetery. That is a great time for anyone who is just starting to join us. Once around is about 6.5K and the breakfasts are delicious.

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