I walked alone on Saturday.

I was at the cottage and it was a lovely short walk. There was snow everywhere. I walked along Shorelane, which follows the shoreline of Georgian Bay. Each time I reached an opening in the road, the wind blew cold air and snow my way. I was grateful for warm clothes and a quick pace. It is invigorating to be the only person out walking. The crunch of the snow was the only noise I heard. I chose not to listen to my music on Saturday, it was very peaceful and relaxing. My walk was not a workout for my body but it definitely was for my mind.  I relaxed as I looked at the evergreens heavy with snow. Marvelled at how cottages around me were covered in snow. Snow drifts sculpted by the wind.  I did not go onto the beach as the wind was cold, bitter at times. It was not sunny but there was a brightness with all that snow. I returned to the warmth of the cottage. I was happy knowing I walked MY distance and could now curl up and read by the fire or fall asleep looking out the window at the snow and trees. Life is good!

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