I Stop For Birds

This is an apology for my tendency to slow down the pace of my fellow TPW members. I can’t help it.  I have a deep need to stop to admire the world around me, even, or perhaps more especially, when the world around me is on pause.

It feels important to figure out which bird is making that odd noise – or is it a squirrel having a fuss? Is that a hawk at the top of the tree? What kind of hawk? And what has it caught in its talons? Did I think the hooded merganser was a bufflehead? I had better not make that mistake again!

I know that my dear friends are working on improving their speed and keeping their heart rates up, but can I just stop long enough to admire that Baltimore oriole? I tried to keep walking while admiring but ended up looking very closely at the ground. Sorry about that. Please join me if you wish to play the “what bird?” game — or walk around me if I am in your path. I will not be insulted if you zip past me while I am looking up.  I can’t help it. I stop for birds.


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