I have questions

Did anyone turn up at Sunnyside Beach to walk this Saturday morning?  If so, which way did you go?  How wet did you get?  What did you wear?

I’m always dithering on a rainy Saturday.  Should I go or get back into bed? What does “light rain” feel like?   Can I stand to perspire in a raincoat or is it better to just get wet from the rain?  You’d think, after all these years, I’d have decided where I stand!

Three of us arrived in the rain at the door of the café at 8 this morning.  One of us remembered we were to meet at Sunnyside so we headed down the hill, hoping to catch others.  Half-way down the hill, the rain intensified and it thundered so we returned to the café and had breakfast and a great conversation, sparked, of course, by some tough questions.

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  1. I went out to walk when the rain had let up. However once I was out there the rain came down intensely. I decided to cut my walk short and take refuge at the Sunnyside Cafe only to discover it was closed due to inclement weather. I took my saggy self back to the car. Once I got there the rain had stopped completely but I was done.

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