I am a Vulvalini! Are you?

There were quite a few of us walking this past Saturday morning even though the weather threatened much needed rain which, thankfully, held off until later in the afternoon. We walked westward this time, along the waterfront to Humber Bay park, through the farmers’ market (fresh rhubarb for sale!) and beside the lake as far as the crossroads.  It’s such a pretty route to take, with no construction obstructing our way.  When we turned around, some of us detoured through the butterfly garden pathways.  

It was a warm and muggy morning and those of us who were carrying water were very grateful to have it with us. Which brings me to Mad Max, the movie, because, of course, part of its post apocalyptic vision is a land without water.  So for those of you who would never go to a Mad Max movie (and I do admit I have a special fondness for them), I want to point out that there is something that the TPW’s share with Mad Max, the movie, and that is being a tribe of women warriors.  The tribe of women in the movie is almost entirely made up of elders who are strong and fierce and independent, just like the TPW’s (well, maybe not so much the fierce part, but still).  However, the tribe of women warriors in the latest Mad Max movie are not called Toronto Power Walkers, they are called the Vulvalinis!  And so in addition to being a member of TPW, I hereby also declare myself to be a Vulvalini!

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